About Us

 Truly Original Wallpaper 

After spending over 20 years in business producing high quality large format graphics, Sam and Neil Callon had an enquiry that got them thinking...  

A valued client asked about original art produced as wallpaper… in fact, not just wallpaper… the idea of “Art for Walls” began to unfold.  

There are of course,  a great many companies who can reproduce ‘stock’ or ‘library’ images as wallpaper so that their customers can enjoy decorating their homes with something quirky and a bit different… However, the most popular images tend to get overused and the end result loses that “something different” appeal.  

We have carefully selected a range of artists and photographers whose stunning work is not available as wallpaper anywhere else.

Our very ethos is to support original and creative work and all of our contributors receive a fixed commission fee when their work is selected.  

Lovingly made by hand to fit your space exactly, using the highest quality materials and inks, our wallpapers are a dream to hang and stay vibrant for many years.  

Come and explore our ever expanding collection, find the image that resonates with you – you can even send us a photo and ask about our ‘virtual wallpapering service’.  

Enjoy !